We are a 100% independently owned music publishing company with global reach. TSM works with/empowers artists to creatively maximize the worth of their music. 

TSM is an equitable destination for career artists. We are a company founded on the principal that artists are partners and not commodities. We have no 3rd party investors dictating our moves and aren’t beholden to anyone except the musicians and their teams that we love to partner up with. We’re not here to collect market-share, we’re here to get results. 

We represent over 70000 titles by both a wide variety of contemporary artists and legacy catalogs. We are a deep bench of hard-working music industry veterans, music & data obsessives, creatives, and strong legal negotiators. 
We have one of the best staff to copyright/artists represented ratios in the business. Allowing for the most hands-on and proactive work across Sync Licensing, Creative Services, Administration, and beyond. 

Our Sync team is one of the most highly respected in the business, with longstanding relationships to the music supervisor community worldwide. We pride ourselves in pitching the right music for each project, maximizing fees, and getting the best terms possible. 

Our Creative Services team look for and set up all the best opportunities for represented writers, with a strong emphasis on co-writes, work for hires, sampling, scoring, A&R direction, and more. 

TSM uses world class software to drive copyright administration alongside a deeply knowledgeable staff who have an eye on shaking out every penny owed. Complemented by detailed and fully transparent royalty accounting.

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